Songs and Meditations of the Tibetan Dhyani Buddhas

This site focuses on the Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist Pantheon. Each of the beings named here represents a unique spiritual personality or essence. The principle beings are the five Dhyani Buddhas- the esoteric meditation Buddhas of the five colors found in The Tibetan Book of the Dead and other sources.

The contemplative poetry presented here evokes the thoughts and images of these beings often using the metaphor of music. Each poem can be looked at as a meditative exercise or visualization designed to tune the reader to the state of mind or spiritual environment of the being that is speaking.

The point of view of each being is:

First, of a spiritual personality describing his or her essential nature

Second, of an actor describing his or her role in the Vajrayana tradition, and the spiritual environment in which action takes place

Third, of a spiritual guide giving advice to the seeker

The purpose is to introduce the spiritual seeker to elements of the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition outside the bounds of a particular lineage or school. When a Tibetan monk or nun is initiated into a Vajrayana lineage, he or she is sometimes given a Yidam who serves as a spiritual guide, protector, and a focus of meditation. The practitioner does meditation to forge a strong link with this inner guide and teacher. One of the beings listed below is often chosen as a Yidam or guide for the initiate.

One function of these guides is to inspire creativity, for they can serve as muses. However their traditional role is guide to the spiritual traveler who seeks knowledge of and access to the many inner worlds one may encounter during meditation. This kind of visionary experience is a stepping stone to the ultimate Buddhist goal of liberation from suffering (enlightenment).

The contemplative images here can serve as maps describing the geography of the inner spiritual worlds. They can also familiarize the reader with the values and ideals of Buddhism and the Tibetan tradition.

We hope that the material presented here will encourage an interest in Tantric Buddhist meditation and visualization, and make the infinite realms of Spirit more accessible to the seeker.

Enjoy the journey!



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