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Space and Motion: the dynamic unity of reality and quantum theory

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Effectively we are combining the Absolute Space assumed by Newton (1678) with the spherically spatially extended structure of matter as assumed by Albert Einstein in his Theory of Relativity (1905 - 1916) and the scalar wave properties of matter discovered by Schrodinger and de Broglie (foundations of Quantum Theory, 1928).
Two further points are important here to correctly understand these central concepts of the Wave Structure of Matter.

Firstly, Newton's Absolute Space was considered a 'background' reference frame for the motion (and acceleration) of matter 'particles'. Thus in Newton's Space matter did not affect Space (matter was somehow separate as 'particles'). Einstein rejected the 'particle' conception of matter and tried to unite matter and Space (and time, gravity) as one thing, by representing matter as continuous spherical fields. So in Einstein's relativity matter does affect Space, as matter and space are united (i.e. matter is spherically spatially extended and represented as a spherical field).

The Wave Structure of Matter agrees with Einstein, Matter and Space are one and the same thing (there are no 'particles'), and thus matter does affect space and its properties. The central difference is we are describing matter in terms of Spherical Waves in Continuous Space, rather than Einstein's (failed) field theory of matter as Continuous Spherical Fields in Space-Time.

Secondly, and this is mainly to physicists, it is important to recognise that there are two very different types of waves used in physics, the vector electromagnetic waves developed by Maxwell, which describe both a quantity and direction of force, and the Scalar waves of Quantum Theory, which are described by a Wave Amplitude only. The Wave Structure of Matter, which describes matter as Spherical Waves in a physically real Space, requires the use of the Scalar Waves from Quantum Theory (as Physicists would know, there are no spherical solutions for vector electromagnetic waves - which is why Richard Feynman had such problems!)

The Wave Structure of Matter is explained in more detail in the short summary to physics below. And while I do realize that new knowledge is generally confusing to begin (a limitation of the human mind that affects us all), I can assure you, that once understood, the Wave Structure of Matter is surprisingly simple, and very obvious and sensible.

Significantly, we are describing reality from One thing, Space, and its properties as a Wave Medium, rather than from Many things, Matter, and their properties of generating Fields. There are two reasons why this unity of reality is important.

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