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Robert Gupton: The One without opposites, the Light which is Source

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I stayed in meditation for some time last night with specific questions. The whole issue of two "powers" and/or the belief in their existence was the basis for my questions. In this world of "opposites", it was revealed to me that when living in either one of two worlds, man experiences "amnesia" about the other. In far too many cases, man gets trapped in an "evil" state of consciousness and "forgets" his belief about the opposite "power". Of course there is no "power", there is only God. The opposite of peace and contentment seems to sometimes "drift" into man's consciousness latching on with a tight hold. And man wonders where this negative power comes from. He imagines a "beast" fitting of all the horrible feelings he experiences. And logically believes that there needs to be a stronger "power" to free him from this existence.

My specific question was "tell me just one thing in man's existence that does not have an opposite". The eventual answer was as follows. "There are no opposites in anything because everything is only one, as a whole and in and of each of its individual qualities." For what seemed like very long time I felt a darkness overcome me, like looking into a deep endless well. I was determined to hang in there and "prove" this new revelation true. I just couldn't get that frightening image of the deep blackness out of my consciousness. Suddenly, I asked, "what is the source of this darkness?". A very soft and soothing voice came back and said "The source of the darkness is the light". I then saw a very faint light in the darkness grow brighter and brighter. I realized that there was no "evil" or "opposite" source of the darkness. The source of all that there is IS the LIGHT. Revelation after revelation started occurring to me. I saw that opposites have never existed. They seem to exist because, at times, something seems to disappear from our lives and we think some evil powered opposite has taken its place. In truth, we have simply moved our "perspective" and are seeing and feeling a different view of the "one". Human minds don't understand this shift and feel something quite opposite is facing us. We can't find love anymore because fear seems to have replaced it. Man has a very difficult time questioning his own thinking and feeling and conjures up a story to make some sense of it. The truth is that man feels empowered by his own "self creation" thoughts and is destroying himself with "logic" regarding something that is not in the realm of logic. On and On it went. Revelation after revelation, through the night and into the morning. After going to sleep, I awoke refreshed with this new truth still in my mind just as strong.


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