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Oneness and the Path that is going Now Here, by Stan Schaap

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The world has given us many questions, and even more questionable solutions, but never the real answer.

The real answer is given long before even the first question could be asked, and long before the idea of a world could take hold in the mind.

The real answer is the timeless truth of what I am, the wholeness of total reality, the reality of love that I share with God, the only One.

The mind will not be fully at peace until itís restored to its wholeness.

Most of my life has been a defense against the truth, because everything in it was based on the idea of separation, not wholeness. Therefore, my little life is but a dream, like everything else thatís not an expansion of undivided wholeness and changeless love.

Being unreal, the dream is without any consequences. The love that is recognized in this world is its only reality, and as such it is our salvation from the illusions of fear, guilt, sin, and bad karma.

To accept the truth takes no time and it doesnít have to be perfect. Perfection belongs to the wholeness of reality, it cannot exist in separation. Therefore, my imperfect acceptance is enough to unlock the door to my mind that Iíve willfully closed, abusing the power of mind for my own fearful but illusory purposes. Whenever thereís an opening truth naturally fills the illusory gaps of ignorance.

The result of a momentís acceptance may not immediately show in the world, as the mind is still interpreting everything in terms of separation. It so happens that perception is based on belief, and beliefs may take time to change. But any exposure to reality cannot be made undone. I may forget it for some time, but its wholesome nature is already dissolving dreamed up time, sparing all of us eons that donít have to be spent in fearful illusions.

Everything that seems to exist is only an idea in the mind, including this concept of a separate Ďmeí, Ďyouí, Ďthe universeí, ĎGodí, or whatever. A separate mind is itself an illusory idea within the all-encompassing mind. Thereís nothing beyond mind, and when anything isnít an expansion of its undivided Oneness, it isnít real.

This path of acceptance and surrender is going nowhere in the world. Itís a path leading immediately beyond the world, beyond any idea of separation, beyond the conceivable, to being now here.


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