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Mary Deioma: An encounter with the I AM, God, and Love

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On March 29, 2001, I experienced a moment of Enlightenment. I was driving my car Northbound on the 405 freeway and having a conversation with God. The moment couldn't have taken more than a second and a half. I was fully conscious. Just as I reached the Fairview Exit I opened my heart to God.

In that instant a beam of pure white came down out of the sky and came through my windshield and touched me on my right shoulder. My intellect seemed to observe everything objectively from the passenger seat perspective.

The beam was diffused at the top and came to a point at my shoulder, the edges of the beam were clearly defined. It passed through my windshield with no damage or effort and I felt definite pressure on my shoulder. It was definitely not light because it did not cast any glow of illumination. If I hadn't gone to photography school I would have called it a beam of light. But it wasn't

As the beam approached I felt a surprise of recognition. I felt "Oh ya, I am you and you are me!! I REMEMBER!"  At the same time I was completely infused with ALL THE LOVE THERE IS IN THE UNIVERSE. I can not fully describe in words the full expanse of the feeling. I heard a voice with my physical ears say “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT.” From inside my head I heard a personal message. Every cell in my body responded to the absolute LOVE. I felt each and every cell awaken and I became surprisingly aware that each cell had a consciousness. I glanced down to my hands on the steering wheel and I saw my left hand and forearm luminescent with a bluish-white light from the inside out.

I experienced the event from several perspectives. I later came to understand that we all have these other “bodies” (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual) but at the time I only knew I was seeing everything happen from multiple locations or perspectives. I already mentioned my intellect saw from the passenger seat. My body of course could see with my physical eyes. My emotion or “heart” seemed to be experiencing things from the back seat.

My soul was drawn up out through my chest and drawn up the beam as I reached the top of the beam I rippled out in concentric circles and I BECAME all the souls on the planet then became aware that I AM all the trees and ALL the grass and all the Rocks and all EVERYTHING in the physical world this planet and on out into the universe, then I was aware if having ALL KNOWLEDGE and the feeling was so full and complete. I am beyond time and outside of space.


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