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The Inner Light, Forgiveness, and a spontaneous spiritual emergence, by Geoff Platford

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One day I was sitting alone when my attention was spontaneously 'contracted' into my body. I became aware of an inner light inside me and remembered that I had had this experience in a more diluted and momentary way as a child.

The light seemed to be emanating from a focus in my chest or heart but it filled my entire body. Without any effort or will on my part this focus of attention began to move upward. It reached my throat area and as it did my awareness of myself changed. It was as if I was watching myself from a deeper position within my own being. It was like being detached from my own self. Observing my own experience without reacting in any way. My attention kept moving up.

It reached my head. That ego thing again! spontaneously I said to myself 'Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do'. I don't know why I said it but the resulting sensation was as if a door had finally been opened in my head.

The circle of light in my heart then rose up through some unseen channel and took its position at the top of my head. This triggered an experience of sudden, blissful peace. A peace that tangibly filled my body. This peace flowed from me and emanated from my hands as a physically cool wind.

This spontaneous state of blissful meditation continued for quite some time. It felt as if my whole body was becoming drenched in a cool shower of tangible peace pouring all over me. I was totally alert and yet there was not a single thought in my mind. Just an amazing, unimpeded awareness of everything.

Over the next few weeks or so it was like I was a new person. No thoughts, just an intense amazing sensation of benevolent love for everyone and tremendous joy of being alive.

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