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Crop Circles and the effect of human consciousness on their creation

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New Scientific Evidence of the Psychokinetic Effects of Consciousness

Iím not a degreed scientist, but I feel I have a layman's grasp of basic principles of physics and science and, I think, a general intuitive understanding of how these subtle and complex interactions can work, as well as how they are involved in Crop Circle co-creation as I understand it. The contributing factors necessary to be accepted, and supported with scientific documentation, involve difficult to document phenomena like the elusive "atmospheric plasmas", the subtle energies and effects of consciousness, the observable but also difficult to prove interactions of consciousness with natural forces and physical matter. It is truly a fantastic new frontier of awareness and knowledge only now beginning to be understood and gain a degree of acceptance, that transforms our understanding of reality and the true nature of our physical world. Innovative new thinking and research like that being done by groups such as The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and The Millennium Group among others, is offering substantiating scientific evidence in support of the concept of a unifying field of collective consciousness that actually interacts with planetary forces to literally co-create events and influence physical and etheric reality. The known and scientifically documented "power of prayer" is one of most compelling examples of the co-creative effect of the psychokinetic energy of focused human consciousness, and the demonstrated physical effect of our thoughts, in practical application.


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