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Ascended Master: The Unity of all things, and the one thing

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The Unity of All Things

There has been a recent proliferation of people claiming to act as “channels” for evolved spiritual beings. Conduits through which these masters express themselves for the purpose of sharing advanced knowledge. I am not one of them. My only claim to the title of ascended master is that I have been called that by others. I do not need a title. There are those who teach that the destiny of the faithful is to spend an eternity praising God. God does not need praise. There are those who offer to share their knowledge in exchange for a fee. Knowledge is the birthright of all of creation, it is not a thing to be bartered. You can share you entire lot of it and yet your own store will not be diminished.

While discussing alternate realities, I made the following comment, “You will soon discover that you have not opened the door to an alternate reality, only that you have seen more of the one thing that truly exists in this universe.” It is time to discuss the one thing.

A Ω The One Thing

 Modern science has introduced the concept that all matter and energy sprang forth from a point of infinite density. Our universe which spans billions of light years in radius, is home to countless clusters of galaxies with their corresponding galaxies, stars, planetary systems, individual bodies, molecules, atoms and sub atomic particles, is thought to have originated from what is known as a singularity, a zero dimensional point, infinitely small, infinitely dense.

The concept is flawed.

Space, which is a measure of distance, can only exist in the presence of two or more objects. In the absence of a second object, space (distance between objects) ceases to exist. It is not difficult to determine the distance between two points such as point A and point B. If however there is no point B, there can be no relative distance.

Consider a universe in which there is nothing. No matter, no stars, no electrons, nothing. The size of this universe would be equal to its contents, nothing. The only way to visualize this universe as an endless expanse of empty space is to project your consciousness there in which case the universe is not empty.

Therefore, the singularity which gave rise to our present universe, the sum total of all that is, was infinitely large. In the absence of an external reference, the singularity, beyond which nothing was, consumed the entirety of space. The moment of creation therefore was not the birth of energy as currently envisioned, but the creation of empty space, distance, individuality. Into this new world you were born, or should we say, became self aware.


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