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Ananta Yoga: Union of individual consciousness with the Eternal

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The word Ananta comes from the Sanskrit and means; The Infinite or Infinity. The context of the word here means the Union of the individual Consciousness with The Eternal Infinite Consciousness which exists beyond existence, and is then transcendent of both Time and Space.

I have given the name Ananta to the Yoga due to the fact that the practice of this Yoga, brings about the merging of the individual consciousness into the Infinite. We could think of Ananta Yoga as the Yoga of The Infinite, The Yoga of Infinity, The Yoga of The Sky or The Yoga of Space.

Ananta Yoga is the Yoga of the Consciousness performed by Consciousness residing in itself. It is not different from meditation upon The Self itself as Itself. This is born out by scripture, in that, Siva Sutra states:

"By non-contemplation of Me, are you bound!"

It would seem that the thought that anything is not the Absolute, or Consciousness, is the very device whereby the Consciousness of the Absolute is lost due to plethora of effect which comes into being at the very moment of the rejection of omnipresent Consciousness as the Absolute.

Or again from Vijnanabhairava:

141-144. O Goddess, the being who masters one single point of these practices, frees himself from old age and death, he acquires supernormal powers, all yogini and yogin cherish him and he presides over their secret meetings. Liberated in the very middle of activity and reality, he is free.

The Goddess said:

O Lord, let us follow this wonderful reality which is the nature of the supreme Shakti! Who then is worshipped? Who is the worshipper? Who enters contemplation? Who is contemplated? Who gives the oblation and who receives it? What gets sacrificed and to whom?

O gazelle-eyed one, all these practices are those of the external path. They fit gross aspirations.

145. Only the contemplation of the highest reality is the practice of the Tantrika. What resonates spontaneously in oneself is the mystical formula.

146. In a stable and character-less mind, there is true contemplation. Colorful visualizations of divinities are nothing but artifice.

147. Worship does not consist in offerings, but in the realization that the heart is supreme consciousness, free from dualistic thought. In perfect ardor, Shiva/Shakti dissolve in the Self.

148. If one penetrates one single point of the yoga described here, one will know a plenitude spreading from day to day and reach the highest perfection.

149. When one casts into the fire of supreme reality the five elements, the senses and their objects, the dualistic mind and even vacuity, then there is true offering to the Gods.

150-151. O supreme Goddess, here what is to be sacrificed is nothing else than spiritual satisfaction characterized by bliss. The real pilgrimage, O PÔrvati, is the absorption in the Shakti which destroys all stains and protects all beings. How could there be another kind of worship and who would be worshipped?

152. The essence of the Self is universal.

Realization then according to Ananta Yoga, first requires the realization of the fact of the omnipresence of Consciousness manifested as all that is knowable; inclusive of all branches of both subjective and objective knowledge; and then the realization of the cognating "Consciousness in Itself" beyond the manifestation of its Omnipresent Omniscience (beyond its knowledge) to the extent that all gods and archetypes are transcended and given a place in the hierarchy of the Consciousness's omniscient Omnipresence.

The beauty of this system lies in the fact that nothing is discarded, thus making all modes of living and life, along with all practices, rituals and traditions, valid when it comes to the question of inclusiveness in the knowledge which belongs to The Consciousness.

The question of knowing is answered in the realization,

that it is not "I" that knows any or all modes of Being

and manifestation it is rather The Consciousness

which alone, knows!

This Consciousness being One, cannot but be a unitary omnipresence in which even infinity itself is resident (laid out) as is Void (Absolute Space) and Time.

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