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Directing the Energy to Bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and Sacrifice

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The energy and realization gained through spiritual practices should be directed toward creating a proper environment for all. So, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (KOHOE) will come.

It is explained at length in THOTH that individual liberation is not possible without collective liberation. That is why in the age to come, the escapist approach of individual liberation - when someone struggles for his own salvation without being concerned for others - will not be valid any longer.

Therefore, a person has to direct his or her energy toward the establishment of more Communities of Light in order to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Even being community-centered is not enough. It is a little better than being self-centered but still it is narrow. The KOHOE (Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) will come only if there is a networking system between the Communities of Light. With networking, the benefits mentioned above will be greatly enhanced and a collective benefit will also be generated.

To meditate without using the creative energy generated to establish the KOHOE can result in a greater egotism and more self-centeredness.




The goal of meditation is to become less ego-centered. To achieve this goal, selfless service - sacrifice - is essential.

By directing these spiritual energies toward the creation of the Communities of Light and the KOHOE - which is a great act of selfless service - selfishness will be dissolved.

The Communities of Light and in a broader sense the KOHOE will not be established without sacrifice. Sacrifice, of course, can be of three kinds: from knowledge, passion or ignorance.

Sacrifice from knowledge is done for the right person, at the right time and at the right place, such as creation of the Communities of Light. Sacrifice or service from passion - being attached to the result of our actions - is done when an expectation for some personal gain (physically, mentally or emotionally) is present. Such a service is usually known as business. Sacrifice from ignorance is done to the wrong person, at the wrong time and at the wrong place - such as to insist on serving someone who neither wants it nor needs it. Sacrifices done from passion and/or from ignorance can create suffering.

In a greater sense, sacrifice means to crucify the lower nature and to overcome the propensities of the first three chakras, so we might enter the love center (to be born again) in our fourth chakra which is called the sacred heart (Christ). Then such a person will not be self-centered any longer and will be willing to share his blessings - which are God’s blessings at the same time - with others.

Another approach to reach this state is to share with others what we have so we learn not to be self-centered, and eventually we will overcome being egocentric and also overcome our lower natures. However, it should be done from knowledge, not from passion or ignorance.

So to share, to serve, to sacrifice, and not to be self-centered opens the heart and brings into the self the Love and Grace of God. It is only with His Grace that our endeavors can prosper and His Kingdom can come.


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The Spirit and Flesh World Religion and Spirituality Online Library: uniting seemingly opposed ideologies and vibrations into the true, pristine harmony of cosmic oneness.






















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