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Dark forces binding this realm

by Gerald O'Donnell

Very dangerous dark forces, many of whom do not even originate from this realm of creation/Matrix, are trying to get a permanent foothold in this Creation. They operate through the proxy of various human beings. They infiltrate their thought processes and use them like sheep in order to accomplish their long-term agendas.  Everything in creation is energy being manifested and having self-reflective thought processes. If many of these human proxies would not have received untold wealth from the exploitation of dark oil, they would never have been able to pose such threats to the peaceful existence of Light beings, as is the case now in this war of the beings of Light against the darkness.  Regimes who, on each side, have tried to control, restrict, regulate, profit from, and impose the types of energy that allow us nowadays to operate in Creation, and even have, in their folly and desire for grandeur, tried to manipulate the basic fusion and fission of elemental particles--  the energetical force of unification, and of separation --  are now at each others' throats because all they are about is the pursuit of evermore power over the other, and certainly not the real unfettered pursuit of inner and outer happiness. They have cheated, lied, subverted entire generations into ever growing stressful slavery to their illusory power plays and institutions. They have broken and misguided families, spirits and hopes for so many. And now the beasts of war have overtaken their hearts as they unleash them and compete for dominance and preponderance over one another, using the very threat and power that this misdirection of Godly earthly resources and egotistic competitive traits has caused--not realizing that they are but a reflection of each other. And they are being totally hypocrites in denying the fact  that they have created each other out of the same dark energy which gave them the ability to become a menace to each other and hence create the desire to act in such a threatening way. They are fighting the very human monsters that they have helped create and consolidate. They are ready or threatening to use weapons of such destructive energy that the fabric of space-time operating within the vacuum could open portholes of immense destructive powers: Mini black-holes.  There is much more than what man is aware of that is at risk in the  on-going conflicts and the arrogant behavior of many toward the natural world. Our survival as a Creation is at stake. Our ego knows no bounds! We think of ourselves as the gods of Creation. We think ourselves to be the masters of the Natural world of the earth, instead of its stewards as Divinely advised and ordained. We choose and constantly adjust our so-called spiritual beliefs to fit the mold of our inner desires for control and force. No religion on earth is even remotely connected to the essence of the original message that gave it birth and reality. Men have distorted all the Divine attempts to inspire their souls towards Love and Unity. It is all but a farce, a sad charade, thrown in the face of the One Creator. It is a penultimate act of disrespect, blasphemy, rebellion and folly.

Our Mother Earth from whose dust we all originate as biologies, as we carry and spread forth the Original Spirit of the One and Only, has been repeatedly raped, pillaged, poisoned, genetically altered, foraged and shattered, and Her womb is irremediably damaged. She might not be able to reproduce us again if this madness  is not stopped. She has shown great patience and Loving care towards us, since we are all Her children.  She has absorbed for too long the spilled blood, mutilated bodies, and the tremendously suffering and injured souls of both men and animals that our dreams of conquest and hatred have caused. She still carries the memories and the shattered remnants of our penchant for violence and intolerance.  Nevertheless, She also needs to be able to survive, purify and renew Herself, since we are all Her children. This feminine aspect of the Godliness that has even been denied by some faiths of late, is crying over Her children who have lost their ways and souls to a deep inner darkness because they are so far removed from the Original Truth. 

This is not a battle of good against evil outside of ourselves. The real battle to be fought is between the Good and Godly within, and the beast that we have cultivated and allowed to grow within for so long - inside each and every one of us. The challenge is to bring the spark of Holiness that still exists inside and to light up the shadow darkness filled with fear that we have allowed to exist and manipulate us for eons of time: A black and now powerful thought-form clouding our hardened hearts and darkened spirits and surrounding all this beautiful blue planet.

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