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Spirit and Flesh

possibly the most important web site on the internet today

Come in. Enter the new vibration.




This site includes the world religion and spirituality online library, cosmic art gallery, and Avalon Web Directory of oneness.


Here the spirit and soul become one, mind and matter merge into an indistinguishable continuum, God and Goddess unite within us, and the new realm of love and peace is ONE.



(read this entire synopsis, and be transformed)


"The union of spirit and flesh is the 'one thing' spoken of by Hermes Trismegistus, who was also known as Mercurius, in his Emerald Tablet; it is the aqua vitae and quintessence of Alchemy; it is the Qi of Chinese Qigong; it is the Tao of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu; it is the Mysterious Female and tenuous matter of mystic Taoism; in Hinduism it is represented by Ardhanarisvara, who is the union of Shiva and Shakti, of being and non-being; it is the Great Way into Zen stillness, the Mother Luminosity or Rainbow Body of Dzogchen Buddhism, and the enlightened body of Buddha; it is the Tree of Life, linking Heaven and Earth; it is the  transfiguration of the canononical Gospels, and the 'rapture' of Revelation; it is "of movement, and of rest", as declared by Christ in the Gospel of Thomas, and "The Word become flesh", of the Gospel of John; it is the ascension to unity spoken of in the New Age movement, and it is the eternal OM of the Goddess Lakshmi; it is the foundation of the Kabbalah; it is the unified wave structure of matter, of the new physics, and dark matter of astrophysics; it is the body electric of Walt Whitman, and the body divine. In short, the union of spirit and flesh is the essential component of all progressive cosmologies, for it is the true enlightenment. Historically this 'oneness' has be called advaita (non-dual). However, the non-dualists of history seem to have overlooked the flesh as being part of that oneness, and continually declared that the body, and all matter, were merely illusion. Fortunately humanity is at a point in its evolution where the flesh can be known to be divine, and a new advaita in which emptiness and fullness are one can come into being. For some people there must be a healing of the pain caused by division in order for them to return to the original harmony of the cosmos. The use of Tibetan singing bowls and Crystal singing bowls can assist in the re-union of our harmonic oneness. This eternal unity is well documented by Masaru Emoto, and Helena Blavatsky. One of the key players in this re-union is the Green Man. In traditional Buddhist spirituality this profound unification is known as Maitreya. In Hindu lore this new vibration is known as Kalki. In Taoism this union is practiced by the circulation of the light. Ken Wilber calls it the one taste, which in Tibetan Buddhism is known as Yab-yum. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother spoke of the divine body. It is through this new, and absolute, unity and oneness that the true ascension of Sophia, our cosmic being, occurs. This is when the vibration of flesh is raised into the vibration of spirit, and the vibration of spirit descends into harmony with the flesh. Within this new and holy oneness, nothing shall be alien: matter is mind, will is consciousness, and flesh is now holy ground! A truly Pagan event: the divination of matter has occurred. This unification is the actual intent behind the Christian Eucharist and the Catholic communion; the word 'catholic' means 'universality'- or, that which is without limits. Communion is thus the integration of the body (flesh) and the blood (spirit), of Heaven and Earth, of form and formlessness, of Creator and Created, and of He and She. The Aquarian Age is upon us, and Love is the one and only Law. And, as in the Jeweled Web of Indra- in which the entire cosmos is made of hollow gems, each filled with nothing but the reflection of all other gems- we must now know and feel that separateness is an illusion and we are all actually an interdependent, multidimensional, infinite oneness. Each of us is everything. A great silence. A new vibration. An holistic ascension. This is the Aquarian Awakening into the Cosmic Christ."

Blessings on your journey.


"To become light, bodily, is the destiny of man."

Adi Da


Consciousness is matter. Body is mind. Spirit is flesh.

Everything is everything. Everything is the same thing.

Everything is the same one thing. One. Flesh is now holy ground. Amen.



A most unique and eclectic collection of potent writings and cosmic images:



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Recent Additions:


Prajnaparamita Upadesa by Aryadeva  

New Thought

Mother Luminosity   Dark Matter and Dark Chemistry


Dark forces binding this realm  



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watch Birthing Newness

the omstrument, by Jack Haas


more omstrument info and videos:


watch Cosmosis

Jack Haas' visionary art, accompanied by devi prayer, by Craig Pruess.



watch Shambhalalujah

a video of Tibetan singing bowls and devotional music



watch Zenergy

Jack Haas' visionary art, accompanied by crystal singing bowls.



watch The Music of the Spheres: Positive Vibrations

(artistic video of Tibetan singing bowls)




these VIDEOS on youtube

COSMOSIS, Jack Haas' visionary art, accompanied by devi prayer, by Craig Pruess.

ZENERGY, Jack Haas' visionary art, accompanied by crystal singing bowls.

SHAMBHALALUJAH, a video of Tibetan singing bowls and devotional music

THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES (artistic video of Tibetan singing bowls)




Avataran, unite within yourself

(image from the CD Avataran)

"What you do not seek outside of yourself, you will find within."





Visionary digital art:

Visionary digital art: fractal: The Splendor Kingdom of Harmony and Oneness, by Jack Haas

Visionary digital art: fractal: The Splendor Kingdom of Harmony and Oneness, by Jack Haas


"All planes of existence consist of vibrations, from the finest to the grossest kind; the vibrations of each plane have come from a higher one, and have become grosser. Whoever knows the mystery of vibrations, he indeed knows all things."



Visionary digital art: fractal: integration of the organic Mother, with the celestial Father, by Jack Haas

Visionary digital art: fractal: Integration of the organic Mother, with the celestial Father, by Jack Haas


Download computer wallpaper of Jack Haas' visionary digital art at:







IN AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey, by Jack Haas   

 Excerpts from the book:

Apocalypse, Revelation and Redemption   spiritual travel   archetypes   soul journey   God consciousness : inner self     inner peace, immortal self   wilderness education   west coast anarchy   Good God, bad God   Co-operative cosmos   sacred debauchery   remarkable people   spiritual wilderness adventure   Genius, madman, mystic   Spiritual group dynamics   The ecstasy of Hell   eccentric women   Jerry the bear man   The writing life   psychedelic journey   The inglorious Ivanhoe Hotel   Queen Charlotte Islands, Haida Gwaii   the inner alchemy of writing   alchemy of the unconscious   God's love   the rapture of wonder   city insomnia   free spirit   living free   seeing auras   the homeless   spiritual independence   deflating the ego   surrender into nobody   the astrophysics of apathy   magic mushrooms and God   The Fall of Adam and Eve   Of animals and omens   fear of bears and fear of life   Real and unreal fear   Mother Earth's sadness   the spirit of sea kayaking   hitchhiking with God   mushroom picking   dream communications   west coast Kumbh Mela   Alaskan Zen master   the Zen of sea kayaking   anima encounter   what's in a name?   mysterium coniunctionis, the chymical wedding   Jesus Christ, fisher of men   the rose within   wholeness: marriage of east and west   advaita vedanta: oneness   closing memoir  



ROOTS AND WINGS: adventures of a spirit on earth, by Jack Haas     

 Excerpts from the book:

opening soul journey   fallen angels learning to fly   the perils of life on earth   writing in Old Delhi: learning namaste   charlatans and missing persons: India   Mother India incarnate   synchronicity and coincidence   the laughing saint   spiritual shit stories   returning home, the shift in life   jokes and pranks   a living buddha   this holographic life   St. Francis of Hawaii   kundalini and earth energy   ruthless baptism by Jesus Christ   enlightenment of wonder   implausibility, mystery, and gratitude   divine revelations in New Zealand   twin souls   ascension of flesh in Old Jerusalem   free spirit   prayer and forgiveness: surfing the spirit   Goddess Pele and the Big Island of Hawaii   free spirit swimming with dolphins   Dharamsala: the spirit of healing music   Gaia, the Mother Goddess   Viking Spirit in Iceland   Christ and Iceland   bohemian hostel in Galway, Ireland   Guinness and the power of prayer   Wild side of Donegal: letting loose   Alien encounters and the Godself   Eccentric evangelist   Mother Earth, Lava, and Volcanoes experience   Christ and Mother Earth, Hawaii   alternative community, ayahuasca journey   the Christ within, and redemption   highly sensitive people, openness, and the spirit realm   human suffering and healing sorrow    Issa: Jesus Christ in Tibet   the human predicament and God   the eternal self, drinking cavacava   healing Mother Earth, Gaia   being true to yourself   alchemy, eternity, and Tao   Love: the siblinghood of humanity  




OM, BABY! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas    

 Excerpts from the book:

Walt Whitman: opening quote   Journey of life: entering the flesh fractal   earthly attachment, and spiritual detachment   Spiritual transformation   Daemon, ego, and transformation   Dingle, Ireland   Pub life in Ireland  Nataraja and the Goddess   Ah, Amsterdam   electronica, music of unity   Psychedelic trip into eternity   Om, the vibration of eternity   Meeting the Mother Goddess   Delhi to Dharamsala: oversoul emanations   the great emptiness: om mani padme hum   Guru Nanak communication: Sikh devotion    Native American mystic elder    bathing at the ghats   Rishikesh and the holy Ganges   Krishna and Christ   Sarnath, India, mystical experience   Communion with God   Kali Temple, Dakshineswar, India   Transcendental consciousness    Mystical Mt. Arunachala   communion with Ramana Maharishi   union of spirit and flesh   Life as an illusion   Cosmic androgyny   integrating the shadow   Goa and enlightenment   Shiva and  Shakti   Ardhanarisvara   Hari-Hara    The Matrix   life as a dream   samadhi   Divine intervention    squaring the circle   Philosopher's stone    Highly sensitive person, Mercurius   Ascension, etherealization   Sophia   Christ and Sophia   spiritual liberation   Sophia, body of the Cosmic Christ   Zen of Christ   Love and emptiness   Tao of being    timelessness, identity, eternity   The void   Tao, wu wei   cosmic androgyny  


Comparative Religion/Mysticism


THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves, by Jack Haas    

 Excerpts from the book:

prologue   the wonder of existence    education and indoctrination   the art of forgetting   organic mysticism   oriental spirituality   mystic India   mystical Christianity   biblical exegesis   immaculate conception: the virgin mind   becoming as children: innocent mind   newness and metanoia   inner metamorphosis: death and resurrection   genius and madness   the mystery of God   the kingdom of God is within  




THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas     

 Excerpts from the book:

dream quotes   the dream of being   the wall   lost bees   light   the treasure   the secret   the self   the exile   sowing the seeds   the messages   life   futility   effort   hunter, hunted, game, and catch   self knowledge   a fool   salvation   catechism   the other side   a tool   mining   doing and not-doing   punctuated existence, an asterisk   old souls   the runner, the flyer   the flight, the flown   uncaught   in the ether   messiah   the fledgling   flying fish   destiny and fate   gnosis and wisdom   knowledge of good and evil, enlightenment   perspective and truth   ignorance and mind   wonder, the sermon   ecstasy   duality   mirrors   acceptance   the kingdom   oneness   infinity, sameness, and qualitative mathematics   being dreamed, the record   divinity, manifestation, incarnation   logos: in the beginning was the word   the whey, the way, and the wei   the depths, of spirit   the garden, the wilderness   judgment and genesis   you and eternity   selected prose poems     




selected excerpts and current notes:

Archetypes, emanations, and oversouls     Battling negative energy and forces   The Tao of Being (modern Taoism)   Union of Shiva and Kuan Yin   The great silent, aware stillness   African Amsterdam: aspects of the cosmic self   Kuan Yin and Amsterdam Enlightenment   Integrating energies and vibrations   Christ in Tibet  


unpublished chapters of THE WAY OF WONDER

On apathy - on being, not doing


early unpublished books:

I, for lack of a better term: a soul's soliloquy     Anarchy of Spirit: an epistle for ridiculous times  


selected excerpts from notebooks:

Buddha nature   Bodhisattva   Zen   Shiva   Roshi  




Spiritual liberation, the Dream, and the Tao

Effort, eternity, identity, time, and the Tao

The still point, emptiness, and the eternal self

The holy whole, the Atman, and the Tao

The eternal Tao

Identity, pride, shame, fear, Tao, and the eternal self

Wholeness, God, Love, and the redemption of the world

Stillness and the peace which passeth all understanding

I AM: the union of non-being and being

Astral contact with a living Zen Master

Out, of, in, from, through, as, other, and this

The mystery of God and life


A Bhagavad Gita commentary

Maitreya, Christ, and the Garden of Eden

Kundalini rising up the shushumna pathway

Emptiness, attachment, life's problems, and God

Emptiness and form, duality and oneness, now and eternity

God and Goddess, space and form, Heaven and Earth

Free will, determinism, and following your heart

Mystery, wonder, apathy, and Descartes

Union of the male and female, the oneness called love

Awakening to the eternal self, peace, and stillness

The I and the Eye, the Dreamer and the Dream

Zen emptiness and the eternal self


Big mind and little mind, action and reaction, and the Dream

Everything is the same thing: the apocalypse of oneness

The stillness of God within, beyond OM and identity

The impersonal self, the mystery I AM

Mother God, Father God, and the divine androgynous self

Life as a fractal of the all

On being the Mother Goddess

Mind of Buddha, body of Christ

Avalon and the source

Jack Kerouac, Shakyamuni Buddha, and transmigration

Good and evil, life and death, matter and consciousness

Fear, unfear, God, and the Tao


Linking Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Christianity, and Zen

Satan, Christ, and the Cosmic Zen Christess

God, Goddess, and the Devil

Christ, Sophia, Avalon, Zion, and the New Jerusalem

Zen of Christ, Lao Tzu, fear, and the golden flower

Faith, fear, stillness, Brahma, and God

Love, agape and eros, yin and yang

A unicorn, communion, God within, and Christ

Om Shiva Krishna Christ

A metaphysical home for nomads: inner self

On Faith, Christ, God, Eden, Vishnu, and Laksmi

God is Goddess, Goddess is God


On Jesus Christ and Isis

On Christ, Sophia, and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

On God and the Philosopher's stone

All is God, but what is God?

On God and Goddess, Eli and Isis, and the Christ

On God, Love, and stillness

On fear, emptiness, drumming God, and Goddess

Sin and the blessing that is life

On Self and God, Eden and Emptiness

On Zen insight, God, and the one self

On God, Goddess, energy, and the Tao

On etherealization, chi, and the heart chakra


On Christ love, and Buddha love

On the Cosmic Christ: life is love, love is life

Ascension and Christ: the Kingdom of God is now

The marriage of spirit and flesh which is Love

The alchemical transfiguration of flesh into Christ

Chi, and the word became flesh: Avalon and Eden

On the Buddha, Christ, prana, and life energy

The Kingdom of Goddess: on Sophia and Quan Yin

The Quintessence of being: Avalon, stillness, and Christ

Yin and yang, Creator and Creation, and the name Jack

Union of the Mother and Father, and of good and evil

The eternal self, a metanoia, and the vibrational transfiguration


Feminists, the Holy Mother, Shakti, Shiva, and perfect union

Buddha, emptiness, the still point, Pascal, and peace

A beast divine, Chewbacca, Buddha, Shiva, and Christ

The game of chess, ascension, a dance, and love

Potential titles for a book on union and love

The mantra of perfection, the Kingdom, and the Creatrix Christ

Mt. Everest, Gaia, and K2

The Source of being and Love

Unity, love, and the Buddha awakening

Union of form and emptiness / yin and yang

A tree orgasm, the Source, Jesus Christ, Henry Miller, and metanoia

Redemption, ascension, and transfiguration


Love, and the one thing that is God, the Tao

The Tao and no fear

Tao and the feminine aspect of Allah

Christ, Buddha, you, and me

The Tao, the force, and the Christ flesh

Allah and the Goddess unite, and the apocalypse is averted

Zen is: a contemporary Zen awakening

Bodhisattva of silent Christness

Zen Creatrix, Zen Christ

Zen stillness, spirit, matter, and Christ

Stillness, an email metaphor, and Mother Christ

Stillness and the Buddha body of enlightened matter

The redemption of matter in Christ


Being, Christ, and the new mantra: OM is ONE

Matter, light, and darkness: on becoming lighter than light

UFO's, wholeness, yin and yang, and Christ's creation

Devotion, love, and the Kingdom

Buddha nature, inner union, and love

Christ, Maitreya, love, stillness, and the holistic vibration

Maitreya, the impersonal Self, and the union of He and She

The new third-eye, yin and yang, and Mrs. Allah

The Buddha-Christ, being and doing, and the Aquarian Age

The Communion of God and Goddess and matter and mind

Buddha nature, oneness, and Tibetan Buddhist freedom ceremonies


The Great Emptiness, and the ever-flowing Tao

Enlightened body and Buddha-nature: Cosmic Him and Her as One

Androgynous Christ, Aquarian Age, and the new dimension

Buddha, Christ, Aquarian Maitreya, and being 'of'

Christ and Kwan Yin, and an of-ness Buddha

Being and non-being, Goddess and God

Redemption, beingness, and the apocalypse of oneness

The liberated Buddha self

The new self made out of this realm, and cosmic kundalini

The alpha and omega of the Source that is One


The great space, love, Tao, and divine unity

Stillness in the eternal drama, and love as the fourth dimension

Stillness, Buddha nature, the Motherly Buddha, and feeling

The Sabbath of eternal stillness and beingness

Chi, prana, bodily enlightenment, and the currency of love

Love, wisdom, and Kuan Yin

Stillness, peace, fearlessness, and the Rose

Creator, Creation, Kwan Yin, the shadow, radiant love, and the Pentecost

Duality, oneness, and the awakened, ubiquitous stillness

Goddess, God, the One Thing, sex, and making love



The Buddha nature body, love, and the fourth eye

Judgment, love, the infinite Self, and the Goddess

Buddha flesh, Buddha nature, love, wisdom, and the Source

Christ, the divine feminine, the Kingdom, and being here and now

Green Man Buddha, transcendence, Zion, the Source, and Amen

Divisionless divinity, ascension, and being unbound

Divine perfection, the female sun, and the new light

Goddess within united to God without

Timeless, radiant stillness, and some parables


Cosmic resonance and harmony

Life and death and the new vibration of oneness

The dragon, Christ, and healing the Creators

vast inferences

Timelessness exists everywhere, without effort or force

Earth is also male now

Unite the energy of the occident with the vastness of the orient.

The union of Chi and Christ

Heaven is a celebration

The Diamond Body is the eternal stillness

Let there be Love


You are the great, unimaginable depth of the universe

You become a light/energy being

Self is the vast, unknown expanse

Letting go of personality, I become a great unity.

The earth is a celestial body

I have raised up the stone

The third-eye marriage

The Transcendent is beyond anything that is.

Buddha body

Crystal body

Earth as a celestial body

Only Everything is One

The miracle



Avalon and Shambhala

I have changed my name to I

Mr. Silence, Mrs. Sound

The new Christ - the Earth Christ

Knowledge of your divine I is most important

He also bathes who creates the bath

One ocean of Beingness

Transcendent, pristine awareness

Vishnu incarnates so as to unite with Durga

Become your posture. Stand straight.

The Self is the Self, is the self, is the Self

The Feminine exists in Heaven now



The Goddess bindu is raised up into the Kingdom

Where the lines of division blur into One


The Stillness, the Oneness, the Ocean, the Self

Let it be what it is

The Ocean and the Wave

Sophia and Shiva

Sky Buddha, Earth Buddha, One Beingness

The Great Perfection


the Self that is not bound to this realm

Deep within


Reactionless radiance

The poems we read aloud

I am just you in a different body

One Being Self

Dissolution into the All




recent notes  earlier notes  very old writings


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This site includes the world religion and spirituality online library, cosmic art gallery, and Avalon Web Directory of oneness.



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"The union of spirit and flesh creates a subtle new harmony.

Two unique worlds come together, and through our hearts unite into one.

For it is only in the voice of the flesh, that the song of the spirit is finally sung."

Jack Haas







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